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if not, then check this video to find out why some think this is the best rock album from 2016:

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omwr rockchart 2016-12We are truly honoured to announce that Forest Field managed to top the One World Music Rock December Top 30 Rock chart for the second time in a row. Unbelievably cool and rewarding!
And besides that we still have CranstoN at # 4, Tragik at 10, Sixtynine at 15, Docker’s Guild at 16 and distribution artist Holly Montgomery at 25.
So a heartfelt thanks to all listeners and the team at OMWR!

You can listen to the podcast of the show here:

legacy sixtynineGerman magazine Legacy have done a fantastic review of the Sixtynine album in their edition 105. Here is the English translation:

At some point Tomaz K. was probably too tired of constantly announcing other acts in his presenter job. So he decided to set up a cover band and to go into business. However, it should not be limited to occasional weekend gigs and parties.
SIXTYNINE decided to write their own material and to use the reputation of their front man directly as an international foothold. So here is “You Are Me” the album, which should get the band a certain standing. And with the ten really good songs you get on the debut, this should be possible without any problems. SIXTYNINE are not simply classified with the classic hard rock stamp, but also have qualities in Singer-Songwriter and progressive rock, although the common denominator is always preserved. But the material of “You Are Me” is under no limits, is at times epic, sometimes dramatic, then again pure riff rock and in the end this colourful mixture  is strong enough to impress. And because the scene in Slovenia rarely reveals valuable material, you are hereby  urgently advised to  get yourself an impression of this pleasantly diversified work!

(BB) 11 points


The German text:


(Rock Company)

Genre: Hard Rock

Irgendwann war es Tomaz K. wohl zu doof, als Radiomoderator ständig nur andere Acts anzusagen. Kurzerhand entschloss er sich, eine Coverband zu gründen und selbst ins Business einzusteigen. Es sollte jedoch nicht bei gelegentlichen Wochenendgigs und -partys bleiben.
SIXTYNINE entschieden sich, eigenes Material zu produzieren und die Reputation ihres Frontmanns zu nutzen, um direkt auch internationale Fuß zu fassen. Mit „You Are Me“ folgt nun das Album, das der Band ein gewisses Standing verpassen soll – und angesichts der zehn wirklich guten Songs, die man auf dem Erstling verewigt hat, sollte dies problemlos möglich sein. SIXTYNINE lassen sich nämlich nicht bloß mit dem klassischen Hard Rock-Stempel klassifizieren, sondern haben auch Qualitäten in Sachen Singer-Songwriter und Progressive Rock, wenngleich der gemeinsame Nenner immer erhalten bleibt. Aber das Material von „You Are Me“ untersteht keinen Limits, ist mal episch, mal dramatisch, dann jedoch auch wieder purer Riff Rock und am Ende stark genug, um mit dieser bunten Mischung durchzustarten. Gerade weil die Szene in Slowenien nur selten wertiges Material ans Tageslicht bringt, sollte man daher dringend in Erwägung ziehen, sich selbst einen Eindruck von diesem angenehm abwechslungsreichen Werk zu machen! (BB)

11 Punkte

omwr lonely desertSteve Sheppard from One World Music Radio has written  a totally mindblowing review of the album Ghost In The Machine by Earthshine. Here are some quotes for you:

  • Ghost in the Machine is the latest release from Earthshine and with each collection of songs, Peter Cox; the ever so talented Dutch multiinstrumentalist, just gets better and better.
  • In my view this first offering, is the single best piece of work Earthshine have created thus so far, it morphs from Jarre to David Wright and then towards the end, with the slight but very relevant percussion, shifts towards fellow Dutch EM performer Frank Pells in performance. The balance of the composition and the arrangement is simply perfect and creates a superb sense of ambience that one could literally feel like one was about to enter a realm, an old haunted mansion of great mystery and fear.
  • This album is a four piece collection of long form compositions, the keyboards feature in a delightful and very artistic way on the second song called Reverse IN going forward. Cox has manifested a really clever piece here with the use of the keyboard strings to create an aged sound throughout the composition and a somewhat careful piano performing the role of narrator in the early stages.
  • The start of this track is sublime; most electronic fans on listening to it will be in rapture. This reminds me of some of the deeper and darker tracks of both Kevin Kendle and Geigertek, both masters of this genre. Cox has built something quite brilliant here, and one can almost see the Ghost in the Machine!

Read the full review on the OMWR website (link above) or click here: omwr-ghost-in-the-machine

omwr lonely desert

Steve Sheppard from One World Music is someone who obviously cares deeply about his reviews and puts in a lot of effort to understand the music and give it the words it deserves.

And once again he hit the nails on the head with his writing about Forest Fields Lonely Desert album. From our perspective it is so great when people really take the time to dig in and get the understand what the artists do!

Some excerpts:

  • Forest Field are back and with their most elaborate project to date as Lonely Desert is now upon us, and featuring the amazing vocals of CranstoN front man Phil Vincent and of course the stylish and classy guitars of Peter Cox, one of the most incredible multi instrumentalists around today.
  • Valley of Pain is where we start, and if you ever wanted to begin with something exceptional this is it, this track is outstanding, almost like a heavier version of Marillion at times, but the driving guitar and melodic vocals from Vincent find that extra power along the way, that makes this opener a true classic and a perfect opening piece.
  • Now for something completely different, this one is called Doomed in the Desert; the whole album is loosely based around the epic tale Dune, written of course by Frank Herbert. Here the piano and Vincent are narrator of this tale of the desert and the will to survive. A fresh approach this, a slow tempo to match the tired energy and labour of the lonely and lost desert wanderer, the keyboards and acoustic guitar creating a sun filled vista, in what is an excellently musically painted composition. Then as if to lull you into a false sense of security, at over 4 minutes in, the song explodes into a semi rock ballad of despair, grit and determination.
  • The wonderful weave of this album continues with the song Asleep, the narrative is creative, as is the arrangement of this semi rock ballad, the instrumentation used here is indeed excellent, but for me the harmonies employed in the songs construction were outstanding. Here is another fine example just how far Cox has raised the Forest Field bar.
  • Forest Field have succeeded, they have produced their best album with ease to date, I love all of their last releases, but this one is off the scale and I am certain will feature on many of my shows over the next few months. Cox and Vincent have created an undeniably superb release with Lonely Desert and Forest Field will no doubt relentlessly climb up the chart with this one. If you’re a rock fan and want to be both entertained and empowered, you would do you self a very big favour, by adding this total gem of a rock release, into your musical collection.

Well, what can we say, we are still floored by all the compliments! Thank you Steve!

To read the full review click here

rock melodico

Our friends from Rock Melodico have written a great review for Forest Field’s Lonely Desert. But since Spanish is not my best language, here a translation to English:

Forest Field and a job of excellence in “Lonely Desert”

Alex Socco, November 10, 2016

Forest Field are back with their fourth studio work released by the Rock Company label. And saying Forest Field is talking about Dutchman Peter Cox, the brain and mentor of this project which is completed by the voice of Phil Vincent (Cranston, Tragik). Then all the instruments were recorded by Cox at Down the Road Studios in Holland. And what’s more is to say that Cox composed all the songs.

So what about ‘Lonely Desert’? First, it is a step forward in quality with respect to the previous ‘Angels?’, already reviewed on these pages. The songs have more consistency, the production is superior and also the compositions. It is a work that mixes – as Forest Field have always done – progressive rock and melodic rock with more experimental parts and this is the best to date. There are a coiuple of instrumental tracks and the rest are adorned by Vincent’s voice, while the lyrics are based on Frank Herbert’s ‘The Chronicles of Dune’.

Within the songs, we have the initial “Valley of Pain”, probably one of the best ever for its melancholic melody, brilliantly vocalized by Vincent. “Coriolis” is an introspective instrumental with a crescendo in rhythm and a guitar solo at the end that really explodes. “Doomed In The Desert” is a ballad adorned with piano and here it is noticed that the vocalist feels more at ease with this type of records. “Alienation (Stranger In Me)” also has that melodic imprint in half-time format, more rock and with good choirs.

“To Bits” is an instrumental with subtle arpeggios of guitars, while “Asleep” is pure melodic rock, soft and dreamy. We also have something more heavy on “Into The Light”, with more sharp guitars and then follows “Riding the Worm”, the last of the instrumental tracks, more experimental with delicate arrangements of keyboards and works of guitars similar to David Gilmour. “The Confrontation” returns the classic melodic hard rock and the album ends with “Fear”, which mixes hard rock, AOR and prog, all in the same cocktail.

Last year we did an interview with Peter Cox, where he described Forest Field as a project of “good melodies, many harmonies, guitar works, elaborate arrangements, mellotron and hammond sounds and varied songs.”

As always, it is necessary to listen to the album more often to appreciate the work in its entirety. I would also say something to Peter Cox: it is time to make a purely instrumental record with “Coriolis” as a base of influence and for heads to fly.

docker's guild - the heisenberg diaries book aIt is simply wonderful to find that the Docker’s Guild album is still getting some love around the globe.

click here to read the Rocktopia review.

click here to read the Let it Rock review.

age-of-aquariusWe would like to introduce you to our new project Age Of Aquarius!

We are in the Age Of Aquarius  and it was never about fluffy bunny rabbits, unicorns and walking around in wifty wafty clothes’… It’s about great changes and destruction of the old, which will eventually bring birth to the new.
Uranus, God of the sky and the heavens, is the ruler of Aquarius. Destruction & Change being the key parts of this sign – which then awakens new thinking, creativity and brings people back to life.  In Astrology, the energies of Uranus are electric and crammed with change. Uranus is forward-looking. It balks at tradition, and celebrates originality and individuality. And Aquarius empties the vessel of the old, in order to refill it with new fresh waters.

And here we have 2 Aquarians taking on the challenge of bringing something new to the table. Original and fresh. On instruments we have Dutchmen Peter Cox (Forest Field, Earthshine), who also wrote the songs. All vocals are provided by the lovely Zoe Ehinger, born and raised in England, but now a resident of the USA. Heavily influenced by Astrology and the mysteries of this and other worlds, Zoe rewrote  the lyrics to express her feelings on the topics at hand.

The official website is

Watch and listen to the track Darling Jupiter, from the album Dawn Of The Age Of Aquarius, out February 3, 2017:

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