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New releases coming!

Welcome to another edition of our newsletter. And boy do we have news! Several new signings from all over the world (read about it below), our first double album, more new albums, free stuff, reviews... How time flies when you are having fun!

Of course we would be nothing if not for the people who support our independent artists by buying their work. Thank you so much!

So, bet your surious now, so read on and get up to speed... And remember, whether you buy 1 CD or 10, there is a flat shipping fee, so feel welcome, 

Cheers, Peter

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earthshine - V abstract patterns
September 12, 2017
Earthshine serves Abstract Patterns
Our electronic project Earthshine (relax, it's instrumental music) has delivered a stunning fifth album. Abstract Patterns will also be released on October 27 and contains 8 tracks. Blekkmark Design Studio…
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sunrise auranaut
September 11, 2017
Free album!
On the progressive rock review sites the latest offering from Sunrise Auranaut, The Ocean Of Unspoken Words, has been met with great enthusiasm. So for the people who are considering…
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crossfire reviews
September 11, 2017
New Reviews!
German metal site Crossfire have been busy writing about our artists. They really liked the Holly Montgomery album. It ended with an 8 out of 10 score with the main…
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cryptic nature - pandor
September 10, 2017
New Signings!
We are proud to announce our latest signings: Koos J. Thönissen's Cryptic Nature! We will release the album Pandor on October 27! Expect a wonderful progressive rock / metal DOUBLE album…
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