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New Releases Galore

The end of this week will see the new releases of Pandor by Koos J. Thönissen's Cryptic Nature. An awesome progmetal fantasy concept in double disc format.
Also the fifth album by Earthshine, Abstract Patterns, will be out officially. This is ofcourse another slab of smooth instrumental electronic music to lift the spirits.
If interested, better hurry, for the discounted introduction pricing for both ends Friday (local time)!

And talking of price, how about a free copy of album 3 from Sunrise Auranaut, when you buy our CD release The Ocean Of Unspoken Words? This is a treat for any prog rock fan! But only in our webshop.

And while the year may be slowly coming to an end, you can expect a couple more releases from us. Not only the thrilling Ymmij album by Brazialian rock hopefuls Still Living (with an exclusive European bonus track on the CD), but also the new album by Tragik, Tainted will become available before Christmas. Proud to be working together again! Y'all better make sure that tree is nailed to the floor, things might get a bit shaky in the house with these albums playing. 

And who knows what else is coming your way...

Thanks for your support of independent music, cheers,

PS; For the members of the Press we have created a special page with info sheets and high quality pics here.

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Update on our shipping policy!
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