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Have we got news for you in this first newsletter of the year! 

 First information about our upcoming release (February 26-2016):

The second Docker's Guild album The Heisenberg Diaries Book A: Sounds Of Future Past, is already recieving universal praise in the press. 
It is part of a series of 4 transitional albums placed between the 5 main “seasons” and which focus on an aspect of the storyline’s main character, Dr. Jack Heisenberg. This particular installment focuses on Jack’s youth and love of science fiction, in fact the album contains exclusively vintage science fiction soundtracks reworked in the typical Docker’s Guild prog rock sound.
Lovers of SciFi will have a blast with this, and not only because of the all female cast (outside Douglas that is). 

First reviews are awesome, read more here

 Third Earthshine album released:

earthshine - white cliff country

Third Earthshine album White Cliff Country was released early January this year and was met with much praise. The instrumental music that hints at electronica, new age, ambient, film music and a tad of prog was called an unique album, with songs that could be listened to for hours!

Inspired by one of Peter's favorite places in the world, England.

As he puts it: "some of my most precious memories are from travelling through England. So I let my memories inspire me for this album. Hope it creates some precious memories for you too!"

It is released in a limited edition digi, more info here

 Looking Back at 2015:

tragik come and get it

  forest field - angels

Our latest releases in 2015 were the third Forest Field album Angels? and the 6th Tragik album Come And Get It.
Both albums received a lot of praise so needless to say we are very proud of them. The Tragik album is seen by many as maybe the best Phil Vincent has done so far, and with more than 30 albums under the belt, that is a good sign! And we know Phil never sits still, so expect more from him!

Another highlight is that our releases are nominated for the 2015 OMWR Awards! Earthshine's Somewhere Around in the Electronic Album category and Tragik and Forest Field in the Rock Album category.
It is also possible to vote for Peter in the People's Choice Awards. See for details!

 What is to come in 2016?:

A few albums are progressing at the moment and we hope that the next Forest Field will see a release later this year. And a few surprises maybe, time will tell...

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