Great Minds think alike, or?

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Hello People,

things might seem a bit quiet, but nothing could be more further from the truth. But still Dream Theater managed to surprise us very much when they released the cover of their coming album. We were already planning the new solo album from Phil Vincent called Hypocrite, So imagine our surprise... You decide if it is a matter of great minds think alike / fools seldom differ cool

Back to our Artists:
The recently released prog metal album The Dark Tower from Sky Empire is receiving excellent feedback. Very happy for the guys. Thanks to Axel from Rock 'n Growl for helping with the promo!
Should any member of the press not have received it, just get in touch and we will fix that.

Next are the coming releases:
First is the second hammer from Cranston, the band that involves AOR legend Paul Sabu besides the multi talented Phil Vincent and B.F. D'Ercole on drums. The pre-order has opened on Bandcamp and iTunes, and of course also in our webshop. It is already shipping! The release date is November 20!
Also please check the awesome video for second track What's It Gonna Take

We expect to announce the release dates for The Essential Claudio Delgift (a compilation) soon, as well as the second album from Fen vocalist Doug Harrison as Slug Comparison
And that is not even all, but you will have to wait for that...

Enjoy the weekend, thanks for support!


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