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The latest posts on our website. Thank you for your support and always welcome back! Here some of our latest articles and info regarding current and coming releases.

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image Brazilian rock band Still Living added to distribution

People who think rock is dead are probably not really in touch with what is happening around the world. Another proof is Brazil and more specific the band Still Living…

image Reviews on The Rocker

UK site The Rocker has published a number of reviews for our releases. We are very happy with the reception of mr. H., so thank you for these! Click on…

image The first ever OMWR Rock Chart

September saw the first ever One World Music Rock Top 30 chart. And it has turned out to be quite a success for Rock Company and it's releases. The list:…

image new titles!

Currently we are preparing the press packs for the new album by Forest Field! It is called Lonely Desert and it is a must for people who like the music…

image Glorydaze hand CranstoN a 9/10!

 Just a teaser, for the full (and very complimentary) review, head to the website

image Review Sixtynine: 70’s hard rock with a grunge touch

Our friends at Rock Melodico have published a great review for our latest release. Their original is of course in Spanish, so with help from Google an English version for…

image Strutter on Cranston

Cranston 'Cranston' (Rock Company) Cranston from Rhode Island, USA is a band/project formed around musicians whom have already made a household name in the melodic rockworld. The band consists of…

nmidland rocks Midlands Rocks talk Cranston

Brian from Midlands Rocks has written some nice words about the Cranston album. You can read the full review here. Some quotes: What they’ve done here, for the most part…

image Pre Order for Sixtynine – You Are Me

The official release for the Sixtynine album is September 2, but you can already place your order now! We have made it an enhanced edition with no less than 3…

image fans love Cranston

the comments in the pic say it all :)

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