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“Music was my first love…” That famous line surely applies to me, Peter. Ever since elementary school music has been a part of me. Listening to countless albums, and taking that first steps into music myself. Over the years the importance of music in my life has increased and music helped me stay in balance and got me through several rough times in my life.
That is something I will never forget. Which is why Rock Company is so important to me. This is my way of giving back, or paying it forward if you will. Music is a time machine, the only true language, for it comes from the heart. And that we all can understand.
So the artist on our label get the best deal I possibly can give them. Those who create deserve to be heard, deserve to get something back for all the time and effort and money they spend on it. But we need you to support them in that mission! So buy the original, together we can make a difference.

Peter Cox

History of Rock Company

Rock Company was established in 1987 and has been online since 2004. It’s main purpose is to promote music in every possible way. See for instance our writings at Your Music Blog or our The Indie Rock Show on Future Beautiful Radio. We believe in music, and are passionate about creating and releasing authentic music for all moods.

And while we first concentrated on promoting and selling the music of the band Chinawhite, later we added Forest Field and Earthshine. Ever since, we are open for other offers and work to expand our roster. In a band and want help with the release of your album? Contact us!

Ordering / Payment /Privacy

We have tried to make the ordering process as simple and quick as possible. We care deeply about your privacy. That is why we use PayPal and iDeal as our primary payment systems. It is safe, and it tells us nothing about your financial details. For European Customers it is also possible to transfer money into our bank account. The shop provides the necessary details. We will not use the contact info you provide on this sale, except to fulfil your order. Recently we added several other payment options.
However, you are invited to join our Newsletter, which we send out a few times per year.

The full text of the privacy policy is here.

On the contact page of this site you can mail us with questions or find the address to write to if you prefer that.
Thanks for reading and enjoy the music! Rock On…


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Returns Policy

You can cancel this order after we have received it by sending us a mail immediately. It is not possible to cancel a download order. OR; You can return new, unopened items after they have been delivered to you. Items should be returned, as soon as possible, in their original packaging. Please inform us about this through mail. Only the item price will be refunded, after we have received the item.