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koos thonissenKoos writes: After being an active songwriter, bassist, guitarist and vocalist in several bands I thought it was time to try out something radical: To create a Rock Opera on my own – from the writing and recording (and playing all  instruments myself) all the way to mixing and mastering the project – and find out if I could pull off something of this magnitude…

As it turned out it became a road littered with bumps and potholes, successes and falling flat on my face at times only to pick up the pieces and boldly continue – learning from the mistakes I’ve made – eventually finishing the whole thing.

Pandor is a fantasy – telling the story of a Dragon being orphaned at birth, getting rescued from certain death by Unicorns who raise him and who eventually saves the World battling an underground species of Humanoids who have made it their priority to destroy all life on the surface.
Pandor is an adventure – containing fourteen tracks with a total playing time of eighty-plus minutes and it takes one back to a time before modern man walked the Earth.

Although this is a one man project it wouldn’t have seen the light of day without the help and cooperation of old and new friends – the vocals are such an important part as they portray the characters who lead us through the story, having a flute played on one track really enhanced the mood of that song, as did a shredding guitar solo in another (since I can’t play a fast solo even if my life depended on it!) the story teller who explains what the upcoming song is all about and last but not least the editor who created a video for “Glynyd” and “The Meeting” so I had something to cut loose on YouTube.

A big thanks to all of them!!

Pandor is released as a double album on October 27, 2017. Website

Check this video for Glynyd: