The trip starts in the name, because Sunroad means an inner trip searching for deeply spiritual knowledge and the man-cosmos relation. The group was formed in Goiânia city (province of Goias), Brazil, by the cousins musicians Danillo Vee (guitars, backing vocals) and Fred Mika (drums, backing vocals), Sunroad, in the beginning, was simple a quartet but one year after it changed its line up to be a quintet and it happened many changes till the group establishes around Fred Mika, Andre Adonis (vocals, keyboards), Netto Mello (guitars, backing vocals) and Andre Pettersen (bass, backing vocals).

So far the band have toured with the likes of Uli Jon Roth, Joe Lynn Turner, Doogie White, LA Guns, Petra and Stryper to name a few. Up until 2017 they have released 7 albums:

  1. Heat From The Road (1999) – 9 tracks
  2. Light Up The Sky (2001) – EP with 4 tracks
  3. Arena Of Aliens (2003) – 10 tracks
  4. Flying N´Floating (2006) – 11 tracks
  5. 1996-2006 Ten Years Treating Deafness (2008) – 15 tracks
  6. Long Gone (2009) – 11 tracks
  7. Carved In Time (2013) – 11 tracks
  8. Wing Seven (2017) – 13 tracks

Rock Company are proud to help the band distribute their latest effort Wing Seven in Europe as the band deserve a larger audience!

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