Buy the album: sixtynine - you are me

photo by Valentin Casarsa

They like to call it „Organic R&R“, a brew of the sinergy between the band members.  And it is as hard hitting as the most potent organic ales or concoctions, a contemporary blend of rock that is firmly, audibly and shamelessly rooted in the very best & most iconic rock classics, and that despite its’ modern approach has been crafted and recorded without the all to present contemporary aids such as autotune, drum replacement or timing adjustment or groove quantizing, samples, virtual instruments or guitar amp simulators. Organic, indeed!

Read the press sheet here: Sixtynine press info

The international release date for their album You Are Me is September 2 – 2016 and will include no less than 3 videos!

To check the band, visit their website, click on the video below to grab a taste, or use the player below: