Sky Empire

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Sky Empire are a UK based progressive metal band with a distinctive sound, redefining the entire genre.

Let yourself be guided by the music as Sky Empire take their listeners on a journey, interweaving emotive storytelling through the fabric of powerful and evocative music.

Effortlessly and effectively blending the likes of Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Dream Theater and Symphony X, Sky Empire are preparing to take 2018 by storm in the launch their new album, The Dark Tower.

There are no new acts coming through in the progressive metal scene doing what Sky Empire do, marrying artfully and thoughtfully the band’s propensity for daring musicianship with grandiose compositions set within the soundscape of modern metal music.

Line Up:

  • Tom Hobson – keyboards
  • Yordan Ivanov – vocals
  • Remi Jalabert – drums
  • Drazic Lecutier – guitars
  • Tony Snow – bass

We will release The Dark Tower worldwide per September 26 – 2018.