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Sunrise Auranaut is a Russian studio project, led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Vitaly Kiselev who creates music inspired mainly by the classical school of 70s Prog.

Kiselev has released three instrumental albums, «Childhood’s End?» (2013), «Way Of The King» (2013), «The First Cosmic» (2015).

«The Ocean Of Unspoken Words» is Kiselev’s fourth studio album. It is completely instrumental and recorded in his own modest home studio. As always he used some of his old ideas, which were in an embryonic state and which incredibly transformed here into complex musical forms. This album is also written under impression of classical music such as works of Peter Tchaikovsky or Edward Grieg. However, inclusions of orchestration, the sounds of classical piano and organs, wrapped in a warm 70’s retro sound, are combined with heavy guitar riffs, seasoned with a variety of modern synth sounds. Vitaly has performed all the parts for electric and acoustic guitars and bass and, as always, acted as producer, engineer and cover designer. All  synthesizers parts are played by Alexander Malakhov.

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Sunrise-Auranaut-The-Ocean-Of-Unspoken-WordsRelease date: May 26, 2017


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