Awesome Sixtynine review

crossfire sixtynineGerman website Crossfire has written an awesome review of our Sixtynine release Your Are Me. As the website is in German, here is an English translation:

This quartet from Slovenia creates a skillful balancing act between classic and modern rock of the 90s. Well, and when it gets balladesque, like on “Come To Us”, you can look forward to Pink Floyd meets Queensryche meets Dream Theater. So I’m thrilled. Charming vocals by singer Tomaz K., who sounds so powerful in the higher pitches, it’s the icing on the cake. The guys themselves call their ten track album organic rock ‘n’ roll. Yes from me! Main thing it rocks! Although the elements of the alternative sounds, samples and gadgets are exploited, they do not exaggerate, so that the status “handmade” is quite justified. Anyway, one begins relatively unconventionally with “Don’t Give Up” a power ballad. This takes courage in today’s over-stimulus. And the band enthuses more by feel and depth, than by hardness and aggressiveness. Even if a latent Axl W. Rose (Guns’ n’Roses) lies singing around the corner. Should be heard!

Rating: 8 out of 10 points
Author: Steve Burdelak


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