Billy Sherwood mixes coming Forest Field album!

billy sherwood mixing forest fieldForest Field have completed the recording of their new album Onwards and Upwards and all files were sent to the USA. This because no one less than Billy Sherwood (Yes, Circa:, Conspiracy, etc.) will be mixing! Need less to say we all are very excited at this prospect.

On his facebook page Billy has been updating regularly about the work in progress and has said he thinks it sounds very cool. His exact words in a mail were: “I think it’s all sounding really cool in it’s present state !! Cool tunes, I like the vocalists vibe, he has a great voice. All the music has a great vibe too and now with the mixs in order there is a sonic flow that makes it all connect, I think you are going to really dig it 🙂 ”

Of course this makes us very happy and proud. thank  you Billy!


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