Brilliant and funny review for Docker’s Guild

omwr review docker's guildSteve Sheppard of One World Music Radio has written an utterly brilliant and funny review of the Docker’s Guild album. Now there is a man that knows his stuff! Some quotes:

  • you’re going to absolutely adore this release by Docker’s Guild; it will take you down memory lane in a style that’s sharp, up to date and will rock your socks right off
  • I was lucky enough to see Flash performed by Queen at the Wembley Arena in the mid-eighties, but here Docker’s Guild pull off a fantastic performance which is incredibly close to the original. I think if Freddie had been alive today he would have really appreciated this version
  • Docker’s not only bring Never Ending Story up to date, but in my humble opinion give it the edge it never had originally, the vocals are superbly layered and the double pedal drums drive the narrative along sweetly
  • We’re both Dr Who fans, so to hear another version of this Dr Who (Main Theme) was wonderful, especially one that rocked the sink plunger out of the nearest Daleks head. In my opinion it should be used right now as the new main theme of the show, it’s powerful, imposing, fresh and quite superb
  • Docker’s Guild and The Heisenberg Diaries is not just a tribute to those times, it is an incredibly enjoyable album packed with cinematic moments of musical fun and magical rocked up moments of genius, the geek is indeed strong in this one.

Wow, many compliments, thank you so much Steve!

Click on the link above to visit the OMWR review page, or download the review: OMWR review The Heisenberg Diaries


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