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Record Store Day 2018

Record Store DayRecord Store Day… the memories! I am old enough to remember the Vinyl times, sitting in my room and listening to my favourite records over and over again. And you know what? I still do! Even when I now mostly listen to CD, this remains a special event and of course Rock Company participates with offering an extra discount for today and tomorrow! Just use rsd18 and get a 10% discount on your order!

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Sunrise Auranaut pay tribute to David Bowie

From the recent Inserter album from Sunrise Auranaut, comes this track, Hello, Star Man! And as you might have guessed, it is Vitaly’s tribute to the musical genius that was David Bowie! Enjoy

Order the album online, at your favourite shop, or here

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new Video EPK’s and Pre Orders!

The first solo album from Sunroad drummer Fred Mika is a real hammer! With an all star line up including Carl Dixon, Michael Voss, Rod Marenna, Daniel Vargas, Mario Pastore, Tito Falashi, Andre Adonis, Steph Honde and Haig Berberian. Check out some songs in this EPK and be amazed…

Next it is time to get acquainted with the massive debut from new Dutch hard rockers Souls Of Deaf! Impressive hard rock that on one hand harks back to the sound of the big names from the eighties, yet stays firmly rooted in the now.

Both album are available for pre order and start shipping next week. Limited price up until their official release!

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Marenna CD release party rocked!

marenna cd release party

Metal Na Lata wrote an extensive piece on the recent Marenna CD release party, celebrating the recent Livin’ No Regrets live album. Find the original (in Portuguese) here. And now the English translation, provided by Rod himself:

Coming from the south of  Brazil, Marenna landed in São Paulo (Southeast of Country) for a performance for happy fans of hard rock full of attitude and energy of the quartet formed by Rod Marenna (vocal), Aaron Alves (guitar), Arthur Appel ) and Gionathan Sandi (drums).

As there was a little delay to the release of the studio where the show would be performed, we could see the band’s care with official merchandise with many good items for fans. In addition to the CDs / EP, T-shirts of all sizes were available for purchase, which already gave the audience the proper dimension of professionalism and care of the band with the details.

At 9:20 p.m. the room was released and shortly before 9:30 p.m., it began to roll the intro already amended with the great “You Need to Believe” opening track of the EP “My Unconditional Faith” released in 2015. Soon after, 3 tracks from the most recent studio work, the exceptional “No Regrets” (2016), where there is a highlight among them, “Reason to Live” that has the typical 1980s that fans of the style like to hear.

Before announcing the next track, Marenna gave a brief account of the importance of the next track in the band’s trajectory, which was originally produced in partnership with the Busic brothers (Dr. Sin), and which therefore has a strong connection with the city of São Paulo: the melodic “Fall in Love Again”. To announce the track “Forever”, which in the opinion of this writer, is the best track ever recorded by MARENNA, Rod says that this track was composed in 1999, and that the current version was much better than the original; that track that live, gained a renewed air and not less exciting.

Before announcing the penultimate track of the concert, Rod again takes the microphones and says he did not imagine going that far and how great was the happiness of the band to win new friends and feel, that many people hope the band avenge at once for all Although apparently no one misses a cover, the band releases the hit “Breaking the Silence” from the Swedish band H.E.A.T., which is said by the band itself, is one of its main influences. The set list was closed with the track of the album “No Regrets”, leaving in all the audience, that taste of “I want more”.

After the end of the concert, how could that be different, that famous post-show photo and that moment when all the public can have contact with the band, the moment of the selfies, and the autograph on the CDs. it is very worth checking out this talented band, plus a great name for Brazil´s Rock & Roll scene.

Rod Marenna said during the show: “We hope back very soon!”; and fans are also looking forward to it. Showtime!

Thanks to Rod Marenna and Raphael Arízio for the partnership and friendship!


Intro – You Need to Believe

Can not let you go

Never Surrender

Reason to Live

Fall in Love Again

Keep on Dreaming


About Love

So different

Like an Angel

Life Goes On

Breaking the Silence (H.E.A.T)

No Regrets


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Introducing Souls Of Deaf

And now…. it is time to get acquainted with Souls Of Deaf! We will release their new album Fortune Favors The Bold on May 11, 2018 and here is the first song to enjoy, My Will Be Done. Expect a cracking hard rock album, with roots in the past, but a modern take on the genre.
Please help spread the word and share and like 🙂

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Withdrawal Symptoms from Fred Mika!

okay, early May we will release the Withdrawal Symptoms album from Fred Mika. One of Brazil’s best known drummers (Sun Road) and with a plethora of well known guests (Carl Dixon, Michael Voss, Daniel Vargas, Rod Marenna, Steph Honde, André Adonis to name a few) he recorded his first solo album. Grab a taste here:

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More Tainted reviews

dmmeDmitry Epstein from DMME has written some kind words about the Tainted album from Tragik. Read it in full here.


And Your Music Blog had this to say about the album…

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Rockportaal on Ymmij

rockportaalDutch site Rockportaal have reviewed the Still Living album, and acknowledge that is a grower! Find the original here, and next is what Google says it translates to:

Melodic hard rock from Brazil poured into a concept album.

This is already the third album of the band that was founded in 2004. In 2005 and 2007 two demos were released, after which it went through various personnel changes until 2012 before the first official album was released. The band consists of vocalist Renato Costa, guitarist Eduardo Holanda, bassist Wagner Souza, drummer Cleber Melo and keyboardist Thiago Nascimento. The band brings rock songs in the eighties style with a modern twist.

The protagonist is Jimmy who leads, in his eyes, hopeless existence. He has seen his heroes fall away and there are no ideals he lives for. If he looks at himself, he sees no reasons why this should continue. The album opens with Reign Of Pills in which Jimmy looks back on the night before. In the songs On The Edge and Call Of The Night we get a better picture of our protagonist. The songs lean on solid guitar work with spaces for longer solos. Costa knows how to determine the mood per song with his vocals, and does not even shy away from high shots.

King Of Nothing shows how Jimmy thinks about himself. The song starts with a nice dark guitar riff after which the drums are added. It is a solid rock song, just like Cult Of The Rough Awakening. Some quieter songs like Haunted are also well received.

Further in the story we meet the friend of Jimmy. Jane’s voice is done by Rosangela C. Taylor. After a confrontation with himself and a conversation with Jane, Jimmy walks out. The Dark shows the fatal end, or does not it? The story seems to have an open end. This is followed by the instrumental As Shallow As It Gets and the bonus number Redemption, especially added to the European market.

An album with a story. A story that clearly emerges and is well composed. The band puts a dozen good songs on this album, it takes some getting used to the style at the first listen, especially through the spoken dialogues here and there. As the number of listens increases, the album grows.

Thank you Edwin!

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MusikReviews DE on Ymmij - still livingGerman site Musikreviews have done a review of the Ymmij album from Still Living. But since that is in German, I thought I’d put an English translation on the site. Find the original here, and next is what Google says it reads:

Brazilian at a Dutch label … But with STILL LIVING is at first glance and listen even more unusual. It all starts with the artwork, with which the band aims cramped at teenagers, who are guaranteed not to jump on the completely outdated (albeit timeless) sound that the musicians, who are also not that old, celebrate.

The result is the next curiosity, at least for critics of the eternally old Melodic-Rock formula, because STILL LIVING have spent a lot of material on their third album – and actually managed to not be bored a bit, which has several reasons. The guitars always take precedence, and the focus is on the powerful and empathetic voice of Renato Costa, who does not go beyond stupid love poetry, but the good as bad part of the genre standard, right?

Anyway, this is all about hooks or tunes, and that’s what “Ymmij” is all about. The ballads’ Haunted ‘and’ Mr. Mirror ‘(great piano) bristle before that, of course, but the actual listeners are other songs: the darkly quiet’ Peace or Pieces? ‘, The slightly melancholic’ The Man I’ve Become ‘with (as usual everywhere else) discreet keyboard- use, or the hammering ‘On the Edge’ with particularly rough vocals.

Most of the tracks of the quintet shine through lovingly elaborated unison choirs in just the right places and refrains for the arenas of the 1980s (‘Call of the Night’). You do not need anything more, and that captivates you throughout the entire album.

CONCLUSION: Loose-fluffy fabric for the clientele of BON JOVI, JOURNEY, with smears BOSTON or WHITESNAKE without Coverdale’s power behind the mic from South America, but without the touch of Latino passion. Well, the clichés are somewhere else at STILL LIVING – in the AOR and plush rock of the old school.

Thank you Andreas!

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The Rocker likes Pandor!

UK site The Rocker wrote a very nice review of the Pandor album. Good to see that there are people getting the total picture.

Some quotes:

  • Mad as a very mad thing. That’s how power and prog metal should be. So I’m tipping my topper to Koos J Thönissen who has went all out on this release.
  • As metal operas go, this is a good one.
  • Ambition such as this deserves to be heard and lauded.

Read it in full here. Thank you Mr. H.!