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rock melodico - cranstonThe ever so friendly people of Rock Melodico are the first to write a review of our coming release of Cranston, the album with rock icon Paul Sabu and master vocalist Phil Vincent. Their website is in Spanish, so with a little help from Google, here is what they say:

Cranston is the new project from Phil Vincent of Tragik, among other projects. Taking the name from his native city in Rhode Island, the singer is now joined by none other than Paul Sabu for this melodic rock project that does not rely on the past but has very interesting musical elements; guitars, keyboards, vocals, all combined for optimum results. B.F. D’Ercole on drums completes the combo.

Among the tracks, opener “Long Long Way to Go” creates an imprint of hard funk and bears that particular Vincent voice. “You Oughta Know” is similar to the cadence of “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin, while “See You On The Other Side” is a song with a 100% eighties hard rock feel. “Trouble Ahead” is a half-time track, with a melodic chorus outlined by keyboards. More hard rock comes with “Fallen” albeit with the melody always present.

The second part of the album begins with “Queen of the Pain”, with a more powerful theme, while “Let it Go” continues along this path, even with more industrial background sounds. “Sea of Madness” is a leisurely half-time, with many background elements, following that eastern influence from Zep, just like “Hangin On”. Closing the album is “Unwanted” a heavy song with sensational drumming.

Recorded at Sabu Studios and The Musik Room, mixed and produced by Sabu and with all songs composed by the duo, Cranston is a project for those who like hard rock of the 70s and 80s but musically led to the present, with modern sound and accomplished musicianship with many textures to discover.

CRANSTON will be released on July 22 by Rock Company, but the pre order is already available.


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