First Sunrise Auranaut Review

omwr review sunrise auranaut

The first and even if we say so ourselves, very fine review for the coming SUNRISE AURANAUT album The Ocean Of Unspoken Words is published on One World Music , just click on the cover to read.
Some highlights:

Apart from coming up with one of the best album titles of all time, Sunrise Auranaut have created an album of progressive bliss for the ever growing throng of this revitalised genre, from each track we can hear cultured arrangements that thrill and carry the listener all along the way.

Remnants of Yes, with a mild smattering of Emerson Lake and Palmer abound here; the percussion lifts the project with an undeniable sense of power and posture, In A Room With Many Mirrors a fine example of this bands cleverness.

I grew up with a cousin that played Wakeman and King Arthur relentlessly and some of that you can find here. Listen though to the subtleties of tracks like The Last Meeting, one could easily be mistaken that perhaps Keith Emerson had reincarnated back into our time frame, you can’t keep a good rocker down!

Sunrise Auranaut have created something a little special here, just listen to The Great Dumb (Cinema) and be amazed at the flexibility of tone, tempo and composition of arrangement. Take in the outstanding Late Night Is Early Morning (After the Holiday) and understand that within this album, a new era of progressive rock has been born, the era of Sunrise Auranaut. This is one album that has to be brought, has to be listened, this is a work that raises the bar in this genre by a mile.

Congrats to Vitaly and thank you Steve!


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