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Sunrise-Auranaut-The-Ocean-Of-Unspoken-Wordssunrise auranaut - the first cosmicOn the progressive rock review sites the latest offering from Sunrise Auranaut, The Ocean Of Unspoken Words, has been met with great enthusiasm. So for the people who are considering to buy it, we were able to create a special deal:

If you order the CD in our webshop, you get the 2015 Sunrise Auranaut, The First Cosmic, for FREE. Yes you read it correct, that is 2 for the price of 1!

But remember, this offer is only valid if you order straight from us. But since we have a flat shipping fee, so no matter how many albums you order, you still pay the flat fee, maybe there are more items that interest you… Good luck exploring!

PS; For TOOUW you can find several reviews in our news section. Here a review for The First cosmic (Classic Rock Society, 210):

It’s always a joy to come across someone in progressive rock who is young and bursting with both talent and enthusiasm: it bodes well for the future of the genre; and Russian multi-instrumentalist and composer Vitaly Kiselev is a prime example. He already has two accomplished and well-received instrumental albums to his credit: his debut Childhood’s End? was released in spring 2013; that autumn, there followed the publication of the concept album Way Of The King.

Now comes The First Cosmic, featuring songs written between 2003 and 2006 which centre around Kiselev’s favourite themes in music: space and science fiction. Again, it’s an instrumental album, and about the only other thing you really need to know about it is that it contains some of the most melodic prog rock instrumental music produced in recent years. There’s not one piece on here that fails to interest, and though the pieces are for the most part relatively short, each feels like an epic, simply because he manages to cram so many changes of feel, tempo and texture into it. The whole album is a delight, and an object lesson to anyone who has ambitions in the genre. Kiselev uses a variety of instrumentation, and never allows one sound to dominate for too long, giving a delightful flow to the album; and while each track sounds great as a stand-alone, the whole 60 minute’s worth is a very rewarding listening experience from start to finish… but then, I suppose that’s exactly what you’d expect from a talented musician/ composer who hails from the land of Tchaikovsky and The Five!


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