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marenna - livin no regretsgreat review for Marenna album Livin’ No Regrets:
Not a stranger at 0dayrox, MARENNA, the AOR / Melodic Rock band fronted by Brazil-born songwriter / vocalist Rodrigo Marenna already pleased us with their solid debut full of songs in the true traditional style of the genre. Now MARENNA are releasing “Livin’ No Regrets”, an album recorded live including songs from the debut CD plus new ones.
MARENNA as band, in live set, sounds much more edgy and melodic hard rock oriented. There’s pulsating rockers in ‘Keep On Dreaming, ”Reason to Live’ and the more groovy ‘Can’t Let You Go’.
The live version of ‘About Love’ is still catchy yet muscular, while the anthemic ‘No Regrets’ rocks with ’80s waves.
‘Never Surrender’ is one of the best Marenna songs, and this live take is one of the best as well on this recording bringing to mind Hardline.
‘Fall in Love Again’ adds welcomed keyboards for a more AOR sound, while Marenna provides variation via the sweet midtempo ‘Come Back’, with an early ’90s melodic rock feel.
Marenna play the kind of classy Melodic Rock / AOR we all love. “Livin’ No Regrets” features strong compositions, however in a live set these tunes sound rawer and edgy.
You can tell there’s not overdubs here, this is a ‘straight-to-tape’ recording, and I found some flaws both in some playing and mix.
Anyway, this is really all enjoyable, timeless stuff.
01 – Intro
02 – You Need To Believe
03 – Can’t Let You Go
04 – Never Surrender
05 – Reason To Live
06 – Fall in Love Again
07 – Come Back
08 – Forever
09 – Keep on Dreaming
10 – About Love
11 – So Different
12 – Like an Angel
13 – Life Goes On
14 – No Regrets
Rodrigo Marenna – lead & backing vocals
Aaron Alves – guitar, backing vocals
Arthur Appel – bass, backing vocals
Gionathan Sandi – drums
special guests;
Jonas Godoy – guitar, backing vocals
Mauricio Pezzi – keyboards, synths


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