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Trigger Mafia


trigger mafia - the brotherhood Trigger Mafia – The Brotherhood – press



instrumental electronic music

earthshine - bridge to infinity Earthshine – 2021 Bridge to Infinity – press
Phil Vincent

hard rock, melodic rock

phil vincent - stigmata front Phil Vincent – 2021 Stigmata-press
Age Of Aquarius

rock, progrock

age of aquarius - out there Age Of Aquarius – Out There – press

melodic hard rock

D'Ercole - Hard Core front D’Ercole – Hard Core – press

melodic hard rock

tragik - faith healer Tragik – Faith Healer – press info
Phil Vincent

melodic hard rock

phil vincent - today tomorrow yesterday Phil Vincent – 2020 TTY press

instrumental electronic music

earthshine - water Earthshine – 2020 Water – press
Aeons in Solitude

Doom/ Gothic metal with prog accents

aeons in solitude - front Aeons in Solitude – Mourning Cloak – press
Sampler with 15 tracks,
“pay what you want”
get to know rock company Bandcamp link

Melodic Metal

legion redemption Legion – Redemption press
Sunrise Auranaut

instrumental prog rock

Sunrise-Auranaut-The-Adventures-of-Huckleberry-Finn Sunrise Auranaut – Huckleberry Finn – Press
Forest Field

melodic / progressive rock

forest field - seasons Forest Field – 2019 Seasons – press

power / progressive metal

Stamina - Live In the City Of Power Stamina – LITCOP press

pop / rock

battersea - arguments & sentiments Battersea – Arguments & Sentiments press
Slug Comparison

prog / alternative rock

slug comparison - when you were living here Slug Comparison – WYWLH – press
Claudio Delgift

progressive rock

The Essential Claudio Delgift The-Essential-Claudio-Delgift-press

melodic hard rock

cranston-II-front cranston II press info
Cellar Dwellers

punk / metal / rock

Cellar Dwellers - Junkyard Chronicles 4 Cellar Dwellers – EP4 press 2018
Sky Empire

progressive metal

Sky Empire - The Dark Tower front Sky Empire – The Dark Tower – press

hard rock with some prog accents

chinawhite - different Chinawhite – Different Press
Souls Of Deaf

metal / hard rock

Souls Of Deaf - Fortune Favors The Bold Souls Of Deaf – FFTB – Press
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