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Forest Field

melodic / progressive rock

front cover Mystery & Mayhem Forest Field – Mystery & Mayhem – press
Render Me Useless

Alternative rock / metal

front cover past tense Render Me Useless – Past Tense – press

melodic hard rock

front cover d'ercole nde D’Ercole – Near Death Experience – press

Melodic Hard Rock

front cover Tragik – Realm Angelic – press
Trigger Mafia


front cover ep Trigger Mafia – WTLB – press

instrumental electronic music

front cover earthshine the age of aquarius Earthshine – 2023 The Age Of Aquarius – press
Phil Vincent

Melodic Hard Rock

front cover Divine Intervention Phil Vincent – 2023 Divine Intervention -press
Kirmon Project

pop – rock – prog opera

front Stained Kirmon Project -2023 Stained Opera -press

Melodic Hard Rock

bigger sized version Starscream – Shatter The Sky – press
Mike Walsh & Five to Life


front cover face the music Mike Walsh – Face The Music – Press
Sunrise Auranaut

Instrumental Progressive Rock

front cover sacred mission Sunrise Auranaut – Sacred Mission – Press

hard rock / melodic rock

chinawhite - evolution front Chinawhite – Evolution – Press
Age Of Aquarius

rock, progrock

age of aquarius - out there Age Of Aquarius – Out There – press
Aeons in Solitude

Doom/ Gothic metal with prog accents

aeons in solitude - front Aeons in Solitude – Mourning Cloak – press
Sampler with 15 tracks,
“pay what you want”
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