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Cranstoncranston-II-frontcranston II press info
Cellar DwellersCellar Dwellers - Junkyard Chronicles 4Cellar Dwellers – EP4 press 2018
Sky EmpireSky Empire - The Dark Tower frontSky Empire – The Dark Tower – press
D’ErcoleD'Ercole - made to burnD’ercole – made to burn – press
Chinawhitechinawhite - differentChinawhite – Different Press
Souls Of DeafSouls Of Deaf - Fortune Favors The BoldSouls Of Deaf – FFTB – Press

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Fred MikaFRED MIKA - withdrawal symptomsFred Mika – Withdrawal Symptoms – Press
Sunrise AuranautSunrise Auranaut - InserterSunrise Auranaut – Inserter – Press
Marennamarenna - livin no regretsMarenna – livin no regrets – Press
Cellar Dwellerscellar dwellers - junkyard chronicles part 3Cellar Dwellers press 2018
Tragiktragik - taintedtragik press info
Still Livingstill living - ymmijstill living press info
Earthshine earthshine - abstract pattersEarthshine – Abstract Patterns press 2017
Cryptic Naturecryptic nature - pandorCryptic Nature – Pandor – Press
 Age Of Aquarius age-of-aquarius-front -Dawn Of The – Age Of Aquarius Press
Forest Field forest field - lonely desert forest field press info