Midlands Rocks talk Cranston


Brian from Midlands Rocks has written some nice words about the Cranston album. You can read the full review here. Some quotes:

  • What they’ve done here, for the most part at least, is create an AOR album in a manner that will resound with genre aficionados.
  • Producer, Sabu adorns most tracks – most notably, ‘See You On The Other Side’ and ‘Queen Of Pain’ with a cavalcade of punchy, dramatic keyboards and high-octane riffs
  • The classy ‘Double Trouble’ (which rises to a vertiginous chorus) and ‘You Oughta Know’, a major-key stomp, stand out due to their clever use of call&response, using the backing vocal as lead, an old Mutt Lange trick.
  • It all might be rooted in nostalgia, an homage to a time when the world’s charts and radios were dominated by bands such as Journey, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon and so forth, but most of the time anyway, it works.

Thank you Brian!


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