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crossfireGerman websine Crossfire have written reviews of several of our recent releases. Some quotes on Tragik:

  • Although on the market since 2015, Rock Company only found us recently. Thankfully, because else a very honorable piece of music would not have been on our radar
  • Strong parallels to Boston („Rescue Me – Rise To The Sun”), Journey („You Are The One“) and Foreigner („Where Would I Be“) can be heard
  • This music is as perfect as the artwork for me. I hope bands like this come to perform in Germany soon, instead of only Nottingham or Milan.

Read more to find out about the 8.5 out of 10 points here.

On Forest Field:

  • AOR with a little Prog influence? Functions pretty well in case of Forest Field’s third album
  • In all honesty, the band name is a bit of a mistake, because behind it we find a duo: from the US Phil Vincent (Legion, Tragik) on Vocals and Dutchman Peter Cox (Chinawhite, Earthshine) handles all instruments (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums). But with the quality on offer, we will not make a problem out of this
  • a powerful release

To find out more of the story behind the 8.5 out of 10 points, go here.

They also talked about our Docker’s Guild release, but alas Steve Burdelak did not like the concept. In case you are still curious, go here.


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