Official Forest Field – Angels? Video press kit

forest field - angelsYou have been waiting for it, and here it is: the official presentation of the new Forest Field album Angels? !


Some additional info:

All vocals by Phil Vincent (Legion, Tragik, D’Ercole, solo), recorded at The Musik Room, USA

All songs and instruments by Peter Cox, recorded, mixed and mastered at Down The Road studio NL



01 Broken Wings (4:45) *

02 Angels (5:08)
03 Left At Cloud 9 (2:40) **
04 It Looks Like Rain (6:19)
05 Angel With A Dirty Face (5:23)
06 Message For A Messenger (6:19) **
07 The Zoo (6:16)
08 Lovers Lane (4:20) *
09 Change Me (5:31)
10 In Excelsis (5:22) *
11 Spot On The Sun (4:39)
* (**largely) instrumental
The video:
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