Outstanding review for Earthshine 3

owm reviews december 2015Steve Sheppard from One World Music has done another oustanding review of our music! We are very humbled by his kind words. Here some quotes:

  • One of the most impressive tracks I have heard for some time in the electronic genre is coming up next and is called Beachy Head. This is an absolutely perfect soundscape for the location, it is imposing, mysterious and deadly, and many have died here in suicide leaps over the years! The synths swirl and create an image of awe and grandeur, while the added percussion dances with the keyboards to confirm this narrative, on this take of beauty and danger combined.
  • One of my favourite places in England has to be Stonehenge and Earthshine have created a track that compliments both Avebury and the henge, and also does it complete justice by the piece called Secret of the Stones. The arrangement starts in an almost Jarre style, then transposes itself into a really ancient melody of time and memory, it is as if musically we have found a portal to the past. This fluid and fascinating composition is one of the best on the album, I could listen to this for hours.
  • The famous words, Mind the Gap, you may still here this at some underground stations, but for some reason is remembered by tourists the world wide, there is something very appealing about the Underground network in London that I have yet to find anywhere else in the world, perhaps it’s the history and age of the network. Having said that Peter Cox has really pulled off a master stroke with this composition, in my opinion this is the best piece off the album, it has a driven, energy, a perfect fluent tempo of great speed and illustrates the subject matter superbly, and the use of minor chords on this arrangement is sublime. The guitar used towards the end of the album is subtle, but very sweet.
  • This is what one would call a unique album and as such, this uniqueness should be a part of your growing musical collection.

Read the full review on the OneWorldMusic website, or click here.


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