Render Me Useless in Past Tense

past tense front coverRender Me Useless is a New Jersey alternative metal band, formed by twin brothers Travis and Justin Turk.  This 2 times victor of the Gorilla Music Battle Of The Bands music can be compared to the sounds of Senses Fail, Paramore and other emotional punk metal artists that emerged in the late 2000’s.  Also fans of a band like Coheed and Cambria might like the bands’ output. It’s got tons of energy and riffs!

After the sessions for 2023 EP Hit The Rewind, the band hit the studio again to record 5 additional tracks. And decided to track them live in the studio! This gives the songs a raw and pure vitality and also shows that nothing beats real music and honest musicians. The album also includes exclusive full production recordings with Canamara drummer Robii Csicsok and his brother Zolt.

When you buy the full release on Bandcamp, you get the additional bonus track (see below)!

Release: June 5, 2024


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