Review Sixtynine: 70’s hard rock with a grunge touch

rock melodicoOur friends at Rock Melodico have published a great review for our latest release. Their original is of course in Spanish, so with help from Google an English version for you:

From the distant lands of Slovenia comes ‘You Are Me’, debut of hard rock band Sixtynine, published this September by the Dutch label Rock Company. The band likes to call their style ‘Organic R & R’.  Tomaž Klepac (vocals & acoustic guitar), Tadej Tadic (guitar), Danijel Brezec (bass) and Igor Marasovic (drums) make up the combo, being influenced by the classic, yet contemporary and organic rock.

Originally from the city of Koper, Slovenia, the band is relatively new but the musicians are well known in their country. The idea of the group was to perform a work of pure classic rock but with open doors to more contemporary sounds. Thus, the first single is “Don’t Give Up”, and here is the video:

Meanwhile, “Come to Me” is an acoustic song with a sound reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. “December Love” has a bit of a garage rock sound, while the title track “You Are Me” plays a bit with the Gothic. “Lazy Crazy Thing” returns to classic early 70s  hard rock, with guitars and psychedelic sounds and at the end comes with “Still Dreaming”, a gem to enjoy with keyboards and guitars, with a dreamy and introspective chorus.

sixtynineSixtynine is certainly a band to follow, with a very American sound, which will delight those who yearn classic rock and the grunge of the 90’s.


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