RIP Yordan Ivanov / Sky Empire

yordan ivanov**Horrible News**
Just received confirmation that Yordan Ivanov, the fantastic singer for Sky Empire, has recently died in a fire at his work.

When the band and I got in touch, they insisted we’d meet personally to work out the details. So they came over from the UK and on a Saturday afternoon we had a coffee together. Tom, Drazic and Yordan from Sky Empire, and me, at the table in the studio.
We had a great chat, from the off it was clear we were all lovers of music so time flew by. I was really happy to help the band with their album, which I think is a highlight in progmetal. Fantastic album, with awesome musicians who turned out to be great people.
Just cannot believe he has gone and that this will be his last album…

I wish the band and Yordan’s family strength and want to encourage you to check their album if you have not yet done so. For the next few weeks I will put it on sale on our website, so hopefully more people show their support.

Rest in Peace mate, you will be missed 😢


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