Battersea – Arguments & Sentiments

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To the fans that appreciate the hooks and choruses by Muse, the drums of Foo fighters, the guitars of Kings of Leon, the bass of U2 and the voice of Creedence: Battersea digests well.

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battersea - arguments & sentimentsBattersea mould songs. We search for catchy choruses and riffs. They pop up where we gather: in the studio, in the rehearsal room. And when they don’t come easy, we take the time. Our songs are built on strong rhythms and solid foundation of bass. De guitars set the atmosphere and add to the vocal harmonies. Every snare, strum and counterpoint we weigh. Until it’s solid as a rock.

Pre sale has started with opening track To Ithaca. Official release on March 27, 2019. Cd available now, here or at bandcamp. Digital versions available on official release on all major platforms.


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