D’Ercole – Hard Core


D’Ercole release their brand new opus “Hard Core” packed with 10 songs of hard melodic rock.

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D'Ercole - Hard Core frontD’Ercole release their brand new opus “Hard Core” on February 3, 2021 on Rock Company Records. Packed with 10 songs of hard melodic rock, this album sets the bar for hook-laden, guitar heavy, melodic music. Mastered by Jacob Hansen, these songs pack the punch you would expect from their discography. From the crunching tones of opener “Keep it All Together” to the Thin Lizzy meets Foreigner “This is Your Life”, to the sheer AOR class of “Bringing Me Down”, all the way to massive closer “The Only One”, “Hard Core” will satisfy even the most discerning listener. Add to that , lead guitar by Legion partner Vince O’Regan and this is a must have for any fan of Winger, Pretty Maids, Dokken, Boston, Foreigner and Thin Lizzy.


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