Forest Field – Seasons


More quality melodic progressive rock (a.k.a. elaborate rock) on this 6th release!

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forest field - seasonsAfter a short break, Forest Field return with their fifth full length album and 6th overall release. After the award winning Angels? album (best Rock album of 2015 on One World Music Radio), and the widely praised Lonely Desert album, Seasons is another release with a theme. The title already hints about that. Things might change, but the world keeps going round and the seasons keep following up on each other. No matter how crazy it gets around us!
Once again mixing instrumental tracks with melodic progressive rock (a.k.a. elaborate rock), Forest Field keep trying to push boundaries while staying true to their brand of music. Proof is for instance the track that preceded the album, the single edit of Change The World. Their ability to combine melody with power and expert musicianship, is clearly shown throughout the whole of the album. Even when sounding heavier than ever before… 12 Tracks.


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