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Impressive and emotional music that crosses many genre boundaries

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front EP

OUDEZIEL is a new Polish band creating instrumental art rock music, touching upon many genres. For the band, it is important that the music conveys emotions, thus choosing a style for every idea, without being limited to one genre. The band rose out of the ashes of OBRASQi, whose demise was inevitable with the tragic loss of their singer.

These musicians performed at many festivals and in radio studios, for instance with Eivor and RPWL. As OBRASQi, they performed as a special guest of the final of the Riverside anniversary tour.

With this new beginning the band focuses exclusively on instrumental work, creating both multi-minute and short musical stories. Live they are supported by guest musicians. Another special feature is their use of Dutch words to name their tracks. That even applies to the band name (which translates to Old Soul)!


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