Shipping and Shop Info

(version 2024-02)


Shipping within the Netherlands costs a minimum of 5 euro per order and international shipping cost at least 13 euro (with tracking!) per order. Explore the options! When ordering more than 3 CD’s, it is best to choose a package! To save weight we sometimes ship without the plastic trays.

We always ship with tracking!

Orders to The Netherlands exceeding € 75, are free of shipping. International orders for a minimum of € 125 also ship for free! Note that this can mean we send without the plastic trays.

Of course no shipping applies for downloads. Local pick-up (Helden, NL) is also free of charge.

Account / Payment

You do not have to register if you do not want to. Could be more convenient for the future, but it is up to you. We have different payment options

CD or Download

We offer several options for our releases. First the CD releases. Some releases are Digital only though. Our digital only releases are here too. Available in many formats (MP3, Flac, Wav), since we are using the bandcamp page for this. Most of the titles there come with artwork for those who want to burn their own copy on CD.
Not all artists let us handle both CD and digital formats, hope you understand.


Can be found on most artist pages or use the player on the description page of our releases.


Most, if not all, of our releases can be found on iTunes, Amazon,, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic, or your favourite retailer. And if not ask for it 🙂