Slug Comparison – When You Were Living Here


Terrific (prog) rock album that includes some intense songs

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Slug Comparison - When You Were Living HereSlug Comparison is the solo project of Fen vocalist/guitarist Doug Harrison. Known for blending darkness and light, acoustic and electric, Harrison first deepened his exploration of these elements with a 2014 solo album that felt like a Part II to Fen’s acclaimed album Trails Out Of Gloom.
In 2017, Harrison started recording and releasing EP’s. After four of them—IIa, b, c and d—Rock Company got in touch and convinced him to bundle these EP’s, add a few extra tracks and release them as the successor to his solo debut.

So here is Slug Comparison’s second album: When You Were Living Here.

Digital formats available from Bandcamp, CDBaby and many others

When You Were Living Here by Slug Comparison


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