Tragik – Realm Angelic


Shredding, sharp riffs, layered vocals and a ton of melody..Album 12 for Tragik has arrived!

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front cover realm angelicWelcome to the 12th release by melodic rock band TRAGIK and the 6th on the Rock Company label.

Titled “Realm Angelic” and again mastered by Jacob Hansen, one thing remains consistent throughout the vast TRAGIK catalogue……..melody!!! Combined with sharp guitar riffs, manic drumming and layered vocals, “Realm Angelic” creates a feast of the senses. Lead guitars provided by shred master Vince O’Regan paired with the vocal prowess of Phil Vincent recalls the days of their side project Legion. 10 original creations and a hard rock cover of the Beatles’ “Yesterday” proves TRAGIK can do no wrong.



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