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Steve Sheppard from One World Music Radio has once again written an extensive review, and this time it is about the new album Angels?

Some quotes :

* So let’s start on another journey with Peter Cox and crew and the first piece is the opener called Broken Wings. This one is a classic Cox creation; you will find a tempo change at just over half way in and some stunning guitar work soon after, this is a really creative start to open up the album with, almost cinematic at times.

* Well this one would go down well in the U.K and it is called It looks like Rain. Once more the beginning is deceptive and a slow sullen mood can be found here, Vincent’s voice is its usual perfection and his ability to illustrate with his vocals is world class. The harmonies on this piece are simply delightful and the

arrangement of the composition and its structure with subtle tempo changes makes this one sublime and extremely listenable piece indeed. This track also contains some very delicious Floyd styled guitar within it as well.

* Angel with a Dirty Face is in my opinion a clever and very carefully constructed composition that you can’t help but enjoy. Listen in at just over two minutes for some incredible elevation in energy. One has to admire the guitar of Cox on this track; the China White man has really pulled the stops out on this one, I truly believe that this should be released as a single; it has a superb melody and an extremely memorable chorus and I loved it.

* The penultimate piece is called In Excelsis. The start is has a careful progression about it, then as the song moves through its narrative we are treated with a multitude of extremely well performed instrumentation. We nearly have a little Keith Emmerson styled hoedown on keyboards, but the driving guitar of Cox as always, takes the centre stage and once more creates an absolutely stunning composition.

* I completely recommend this album to you all and its unique properties and stylish performance, its sublime production and arrangements had made this one of my favourite albums listened to so far this year. So don’t hesitate, make Angels part of your musical life right now, you won’t regret it.

To read it in full click here.

Thank you so much Steve for these wonderful words!


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