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  • New Rock Company podcast

    As you may have noticed, here at Rock Company we like to keep busy. So slowly but surely the number of titles available from us is rising! All independent artists, who need your support. Hugs and kudos for everyone who buys an album (often limited editions) or download! But if you are wondering what the…

  • New Docker’s Guild reviews

    It is simply wonderful to find that the Docker’s Guild album is still getting some love around the globe. click here to read the Rocktopia review. click here to read the Let it Rock review.

  • more Chart success!

    Time to inform you about our Chart success on the One World Music Rock Top 30! at 21 we have Docker’s Guild and their album The Heisenberg Diaries at 7 we have distribution artist Holly Montgomery with Leaving Eden at 6 we have #Tragik (Phil Vincent Bands) with Come and Get It at 3 we…

  • Chart success for our artists!

      Still cannot believe the chart success for our artists on the October Rock Chart on One World Music. We have #Tragik at #16, the highest new entry with Forest Field at #12, Docker’s Guild at #7, Sixtynine at #2 and #CranstoN (with Phil Vincent and Paul Sabu) at NUMBER 1! And the former #1,…

  • Reviews on The Rocker

    UK site The Rocker has published a number of reviews for our releases. We are very happy with the reception of mr. H., so thank you for these! Click on the picture to read the review.

  • The first ever OMWR Rock Chart

    September saw the first ever One World Music Rock Top 30 chart. And it has turned out to be quite a success for Rock Company and it’s releases. The list: Forest Field – Angels? #15 Sixtynine – You Are Me #7 Tragik – Come And Get It #6 CranstoN – CranstoN #5 Docker’s Guild –…

  • Brilliant and funny review for Docker’s Guild

    Steve Sheppard of One World Music Radio has written an utterly brilliant and funny review of the Docker’s Guild album. Now there is a man that knows his stuff! Some quotes: you’re going to absolutely adore this release by Docker’s Guild; it will take you down memory lane in a style that’s sharp, up to…

  • Video 4 of Docker’s Guild 12 steps into a new album

    Docker’s Guild have released the fourth video of their 12 step programm into recording and releasing a new album. And thanks for the mention Douglas! By the way, fans get a nice preview of things to come!

  • Video 3 for Docker’s Guild, Book A – Mixing!

    And here is video 3 for the Docker’s Guild diary for The Heisenberg Diaries – Book A: mixing!

  • Docker’s Guild to release string of “Book A” videos

    While many reviewers continue to celebrate the release of “Docker’s Guild – The Heisenberg Diaries Book A; Sounds Of Future Past”, Douglas has been hard at work to put together a string of videos to give you a deeper insight in the making of the album. Already available are part 1 and part 2, and…