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new Video EPK’s and Pre Orders!

The first solo album from Sunroad drummer Fred Mika is a real hammer! With an all star line up including Carl Dixon, Michael Voss, Rod Marenna, Daniel Vargas, Mario Pastore, Tito Falashi, Andre Adonis, Steph Honde and Haig Berberian. Check out some songs in this EPK and be amazed…

Next it is time to get acquainted with the massive debut from new Dutch hard rockers Souls Of Deaf! Impressive hard rock that on one hand harks back to the sound of the big names from the eighties, yet stays firmly rooted in the now.

Both album are available for pre order and start shipping next week. Limited price up until their official release!

Sunrise Auranaut video EPK

Next week, on March 9, we will release the fifth album from Sunrise Auranaut, Inserter. Russion multi-instrumentalist Vitaly Kiselev and his companion Alexander Malakhov on synthesizers once again raised the bar and created an album for fans of instrumental progressive rock. And since classical music is surely a great inspiration, expect complexity and a wide range of dynamics. An album meant to be listened to over and over again!

Check some samples in the video EPK:

Marenna video EPK

The best way to check that smoking new live album from Marenna is of course going to one of their concerts. Second best might be this video EPK 🙂 Enjoy!

Video EPK for Cellar Dwellers

Check out the new video EPK for the rocking new Junkyard Chronicles EP (3 of 4) by the Cellar Dwellers!

Video EPK for Earthshine V

This week will see the official release of the new album Abstract Patterns by Earthshine. Yes, our smooth and soothing instrumental electronic music project that touches upon ambient and new age. Music that lifts the spirit and eases the mind!
A quick way to sample some of the tracks is the next video:

EPK for Pandor

October 27, 2017 will see the release of the awesome #newalbum Pandor by Koos Thönissen​’s Cryptic Nature. Here an audio #EPK to catch a glimpse of what is coming: a double disc with 14 tracks!

You can now also find the album on Bandcamp, and get the song Glynyd if you order now.
Should you prefer to watch and listen; here is the video EPK for the album:

Our new Signing! TRAGIK!!

tragik - come and get it

tragik - come and get itOur new signing!

Come and Get It” is the 6th album from power house Tragik and the first time cooperating with Rock Company. Combining massive hooks, multilayered vocals, heavy guitars, atmospheric keyboards, thunderous bass and drums, and pristine production values, this release fires on all cylinders. From the Foreigner-esque opener “Where Would I Be…?” to heavy rocker “Fallen Angel” to the Journey meets Boston rock of “You Are the One”, get ready for a melodic onslaught second to none.
This album has it all, metal, hard rock, melodic power ballad, and anything else associated with high quality music. Vocalist, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and drummer Phil Vincent has a knack for writing melodic hooks. His time with rockers Legion proved that. Aided by guitarist Damian D’Ercole and guest guitarists Peter Cox , Vince O’Regan and Michael J. Sprague, “Come and Get It” rocks you to the very core. 12 minute opus “Rescue Me/Rise to the Sun” shows Tragik’s prog-rock tendencies and really is a masterpiece. The metal slam of “Can’t Slow Down” blasts through your speakers with rough abandon, the Paul McCartney drenched “When the Darkness Falls”, the Dokken meets Winger rock of “Someone’s Gonna Hurt You Tonight”, and the flat out class of “Smokin’ Gun” will leave you breathless.
This is rock. This is Tragik.

Soon available on https://www.rockcompany.nl and other retailers or online!


Official Forest Field – Angels? Video press kit

forest field - angelsYou have been waiting for it, and here it is: the official presentation of the new Forest Field album Angels? !


Some additional info:

All vocals by Phil Vincent (Legion, Tragik, D’Ercole, solo), recorded at The Musik Room, USA

All songs and instruments by Peter Cox, recorded, mixed and mastered at Down The Road studio NL



01 Broken Wings (4:45) *

02 Angels (5:08)
03 Left At Cloud 9 (2:40) **
04 It Looks Like Rain (6:19)
05 Angel With A Dirty Face (5:23)
06 Message For A Messenger (6:19) **
07 The Zoo (6:16)
08 Lovers Lane (4:20) *
09 Change Me (5:31)
10 In Excelsis (5:22) *
11 Spot On The Sun (4:39)
* (**largely) instrumental
The video:
[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8OBHmkFs94[/embedyt]
rock company buy it

EPK for new Earthshine album Somewhere Around

The new Earthshine album Somewhere Around is available now! So about time you enjoy some impressions of it:

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