Update Special Offer Cellar Dwellers

cellar dwellers - special offerSince the Junkyard Chronicles are now complete with the release of part 4, it is also time to update the special Cellar Dwellers offer!

An EP is 5€ each. Yet the special offer goes like this:

  • 1 EP = 5
  • 2 EP = 9
  • 3 EP = 12
  • 4 EP = 15

This offer excludes shipping, which is 5€ in The Netherlands and 9€ rest of the world, or 15 if you want the shipping registered (preferred if your country does not have reliable postal delivery).

You can pay using PayPal with the amount to this link. Please mention which EP’s you want if you do not order all 4!

Junkyard Chronicles part 3 is coming soon!

cellar dwellers - junkyard chronicles part 3Next new release is from the Cellar Dwellers! January 19, 2018 Junkyard Chronicles part 3 will see the light of day!
The album will be released with a party at Grenswerk Café Venlo (NL). And we will be there and bring cd’s! So why not join us for some rocking music, fun, a beer, whatever!

To get a feel of what is coming, enjoy Enemy from Part 1:

New Distribution artist

cellar dwellers - junkyard chronicles 1 + 2Rock Company are proud to announce the cooperation with legendary Dutch punk/psychedelic/rock band Cellar Dwellers. We will start distributing the Junkyard Chronicles EP’s part 1 and 2. The CD version will be up in our website as soon as possible and the digital release (in 1 album) will become available April 21! From then on you will find them on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, eMusic, etc.
The CD version will also be added to our distribution network Rock Inc. / Bertus.

We welcome the band to our roster and for more info on them you can visit their Artist page. Or grab a taste with this song:

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