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Been rather busy with lots of things lately, and in the meantime quite a few reviews have seen the light a day. So here a wrap up for you:

Lords of Metal talk about:

  1. Chinawhite – Different and give it 80 points!
  2. sadly only 58 points for Fred Mika’s Withdrawal Symptoms
  3. Marenna’s Livin’ No Regrets does better with 64 points
  4. and last but not least; Souls of Deaf album Fortune Favors The Bold got 73 points

Thanks to all the writers.

On DMME a rather nice review of the previous Sunrise Auranaut album The Ocean Of Unspoken Words has been published. Thank you Dmitry!

On to UK site Uber Rock now:

  1. even when Mark Ashby did not seem to understand the idea behind Different from Chinawhite, he still liked many things on offer
  2. so it’s a good thing Marenna’s Livin’No Regrets got a better reception, thanks Mark

In Italy site Metalhead gave Marenna an 8/10 for Livin’ No Regrets. Nice one, thanks!

And to close for now, how about a 80% for Fred Mika’s Withdrawal Symptoms on AngelicWarlord? Much better, thanks!

Marenna CD release party rocked!

marenna cd release party

Metal Na Lata wrote an extensive piece on the recent Marenna CD release party, celebrating the recent Livin’ No Regrets live album. Find the original (in Portuguese) here. And now the English translation, provided by Rod himself:

Coming from the south of  Brazil, Marenna landed in São Paulo (Southeast of Country) for a performance for happy fans of hard rock full of attitude and energy of the quartet formed by Rod Marenna (vocal), Aaron Alves (guitar), Arthur Appel ) and Gionathan Sandi (drums).

As there was a little delay to the release of the studio where the show would be performed, we could see the band’s care with official merchandise with many good items for fans. In addition to the CDs / EP, T-shirts of all sizes were available for purchase, which already gave the audience the proper dimension of professionalism and care of the band with the details.

At 9:20 p.m. the room was released and shortly before 9:30 p.m., it began to roll the intro already amended with the great “You Need to Believe” opening track of the EP “My Unconditional Faith” released in 2015. Soon after, 3 tracks from the most recent studio work, the exceptional “No Regrets” (2016), where there is a highlight among them, “Reason to Live” that has the typical 1980s that fans of the style like to hear.

Before announcing the next track, Marenna gave a brief account of the importance of the next track in the band’s trajectory, which was originally produced in partnership with the Busic brothers (Dr. Sin), and which therefore has a strong connection with the city of São Paulo: the melodic “Fall in Love Again”. To announce the track “Forever”, which in the opinion of this writer, is the best track ever recorded by MARENNA, Rod says that this track was composed in 1999, and that the current version was much better than the original; that track that live, gained a renewed air and not less exciting.

Before announcing the penultimate track of the concert, Rod again takes the microphones and says he did not imagine going that far and how great was the happiness of the band to win new friends and feel, that many people hope the band avenge at once for all Although apparently no one misses a cover, the band releases the hit “Breaking the Silence” from the Swedish band H.E.A.T., which is said by the band itself, is one of its main influences. The set list was closed with the track of the album “No Regrets”, leaving in all the audience, that taste of “I want more”.

After the end of the concert, how could that be different, that famous post-show photo and that moment when all the public can have contact with the band, the moment of the selfies, and the autograph on the CDs. it is very worth checking out this talented band, plus a great name for Brazil´s Rock & Roll scene.

Rod Marenna said during the show: “We hope back very soon!”; and fans are also looking forward to it. Showtime!

Thanks to Rod Marenna and Raphael Arízio for the partnership and friendship!


Intro – You Need to Believe

Can not let you go

Never Surrender

Reason to Live

Fall in Love Again

Keep on Dreaming


About Love

So different

Like an Angel

Life Goes On

Breaking the Silence (H.E.A.T)

No Regrets


great review for Marenna

marenna - livin no regretsgreat review for Marenna album Livin’ No Regrets:
Not a stranger at 0dayrox, MARENNA, the AOR / Melodic Rock band fronted by Brazil-born songwriter / vocalist Rodrigo Marenna already pleased us with their solid debut full of songs in the true traditional style of the genre. Now MARENNA are releasing “Livin’ No Regrets”, an album recorded live including songs from the debut CD plus new ones.
MARENNA as band, in live set, sounds much more edgy and melodic hard rock oriented. There’s pulsating rockers in ‘Keep On Dreaming, ”Reason to Live’ and the more groovy ‘Can’t Let You Go’.
The live version of ‘About Love’ is still catchy yet muscular, while the anthemic ‘No Regrets’ rocks with ’80s waves.
‘Never Surrender’ is one of the best Marenna songs, and this live take is one of the best as well on this recording bringing to mind Hardline.
‘Fall in Love Again’ adds welcomed keyboards for a more AOR sound, while Marenna provides variation via the sweet midtempo ‘Come Back’, with an early ’90s melodic rock feel.
Marenna play the kind of classy Melodic Rock / AOR we all love. “Livin’ No Regrets” features strong compositions, however in a live set these tunes sound rawer and edgy.
You can tell there’s not overdubs here, this is a ‘straight-to-tape’ recording, and I found some flaws both in some playing and mix.
Anyway, this is really all enjoyable, timeless stuff.
01 – Intro
02 – You Need To Believe
03 – Can’t Let You Go
04 – Never Surrender
05 – Reason To Live
06 – Fall in Love Again
07 – Come Back
08 – Forever
09 – Keep on Dreaming
10 – About Love
11 – So Different
12 – Like an Angel
13 – Life Goes On
14 – No Regrets
Rodrigo Marenna – lead & backing vocals
Aaron Alves – guitar, backing vocals
Arthur Appel – bass, backing vocals
Gionathan Sandi – drums
special guests;
Jonas Godoy – guitar, backing vocals
Mauricio Pezzi – keyboards, synths

Marenna video EPK

The best way to check that smoking new live album from Marenna is of course going to one of their concerts. Second best might be this video EPK 🙂 Enjoy!

New Pre-orders!

Sunrise Auranaut - Inserter marenna - livin no regretsAs of now you can pre-order the new albums from Marenna and Sunrise Auranaut! As usual for a discounted price until they are officially released. Shipping starts next week!

Livin’ No Regrets is a smoking live album, showing Marenna taking the stage by storm in their home town of Caxias do Sul – Brazil. No studio re-recording, just raw and in your face. A must have!

Inserter is album 5 for Russian multi-instrumentalist Vitaly Kiselev and sees him raising the bar once more. Stuck in another beautiful design by  Kiselev himself, this is essential for anyone serious about prog!

New Signing: Marenna!

Marenna - band

Rock Company are excited to announce their new partner: Marenna! We will release their highly energetic LIVE album Livin’ No Regrets, early 2018! This will also mark the first ever live album on the label.
Stay tuned for more details and welcome to the RC Family: Rod Marenna!

marenna - livin no regrets

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