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The download includes front and back cover with track and album info.
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Black November DEAL!

rock company black november deal

Additional rules:

  • this will not work together with other discounts
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Pillars Of Creation Rock Company special!


I am very humbled that host Bruce Gall, from One World Music show Pillars Of Creation, decided to air a whole show dedicated to all the recent releases from our label! And in the show you will not only find albums you might know, but also several tracks that are yet to be released!

Enjoy this Rock company Special:

New Site and Features

rock company loveMaybe you noticed we had a lot of database problems lately. Resulting in unpredictable behaviour of the site, and also to a rather slow functioning website. So after a couple of days of losing sleep trying to find the error, I decided it was time for a change. So here is v3.0!

It is a lot quicker, and I managed to slip in a couple of new features. Like downloads, which I wanted to add for a long time. For now only the titles that are not, or no longer available on CD, are uploaded. The rest will follow soon.
Also since social media are more important than ever, sharing has been made even more easy. So go ahead and tell all your friends, we still need your support to survive.

Despite testing it like crazy, should you find something that is not working, please let us know so we can fix it. For now, thanks for reading and click away. Explore it, test the music and of course I hope you buy some. It means the world!

Interview on!

forest field on presents an interview with


Over in Holland the band known as Forest Field are changing the face of rock with their 2015 CD entitled Angels? Well actually, the band is the brainchild of Peter Cox, supported here by U.S. based singer Phil Vincent. Based in the south of Holland, Forest Field borrows from stadium rock and a heavy, 21st century, New Age instrumental mix. Speaking about working with lead vocalist Phil Vincent, Cox tells , “We both liked working together so much that Phil agreed to become the dedicated singer for Forest Field. Angels? is our third album together. I think it is a shared love for The Beatles, Winger etc that makes us sound good together. We are both from a hard rock / prog-rock musical background. Phil does not need much guidance to work his magic.” Apparently, Cox has a thing for big sounding rock arrangement ala Styx or YES and an equal and even more impressive penchant for instrumental music that sounds like Tull or Genesis on their melodic wordless tracks. Receiving the vocal mixes from singer Phil Vincent in the U.S., through the art of internet magic, Peter Cox manages to get a large well recorded rock sound down on the CD that is quite impressive. What’s even more impressive are Peter’s guitar chops which he filters in liberally on the vocal tracks and even more on the instrumentals. International rock fans take note: Forest Field has a steadily increasing number of albums out and more on the way. With the 2015 CD release of Angels?, it’s prime time to check out this fine Dutch prog-rock treat. /

Read the full interview here.

10 releases and counting

rock company 10

just had to share this picture 🙂

10 years online!

Our company was founded in 1987, has been online since 2004 and has a lot more reasons to celebrate!

A new release, a new website and successful acts on offer. That is why we celebrate. If you use coupon

celebrate2014 (valid till May 1, 2014)

in our CD shop, you receive a 25% discount! And shipping rates are still very low, no matter how many cd´s you order!

For wholesale distribution, get in touch!

Thank you for your attention and support of independent music!

New site is live!

We are very proud to present our new site. A clean and simple design so you will not get lost soon. We hope you like it!

As a result of this the older news has disappeared. Also the old order data are no longer preserved. So if you bought with us before, you will have to register again. Sorry about that, but the conversion of the old data did not work out, so we had to rebuild the whole site.

Also, because of this for now you will have to get digital files via our ReverbNation apps. The plus side is that it is now possible to buy individual tracks.


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