Earthshine review in German magazine Legacy

German Rock magazine Legacy has published an excellent write up of the Somewhere Around album in #95 as it turns out. With a little help Google translates it as:

Earthshine is the one-man project by Peter Cox, the ambitious singer and guitarist of Chinawhite, a sometimes relatively progressive hard rock band from the Netherlands. The appearance of the last album of this formation is also six years ago, which is probably also due to the fact that the frontman of the band in the meantime employed his side project Earthshine. 2014 saw the debut release, now it’s time for its successor.

According to the info in the booklet at the beginning of the work on “Somewhere Around” the song titles were conceived, after which the Dutchman then wrote music to the respective corresponding mood . Onomatopoetic circumlocutions like ‘Floating On Air’, ‘Between The Stars’, ‘Knee Deep In The Ocean’, ‘Big City’ or ‘Snow Storm On The Ice’ can appear before the mind’s eye and give an instant  idea of ​​what can be expected on this second album.

Peter creates purely instrumental soundscapes, which are dominated by synthesizers, but sometimes also by his excellent, atmospheric piano playing. The titles really fit the music like chalk and cheese, and vice versa. The concrete approach of the songwriting can be compared to the conception of Mussorgsky’s infamous “Pictures at an Exhibition” certain parallels account. Of course, neither the compositional depth nor the extent of importance for the music world this masterpiece can be achieved. Such lofty goals are not, however, on the agenda of Mr. Cox: His atmospheric soundscapes move somewhere between Ambient and New Age and invite you to let yourself go as listeners and borne by the overall sound. (CW)

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Thanks to (CW) for the kind words!

Cool the Summer down with a Snowstorm

Well, don’t know how it is with you guys, but here it has been very hot lately. And as the latest Earthshine offering Somewhere Around, is about 6 months out now, it seemed a fitting time for a Snowstorm On The Ice. Enjoy the video and cool down a bit 🙂

Morpheus reviews Earthshine 2

morpheus earthshine reviewPaul from Morpheus has written some very nice words about the Somewhere Around CD:

Somewhere Around is a rather eclectic, highly melodic album of bright electronic music that draws upon influences ranging from Berlin School, 80’s synth pop, modern space music, lounge and new age positivity. Built primarily around synthetic keyboard sounds and mellotron, Peter Cox also incorporates some deft electric and acoustic guitar work; breathy pan flutes; expressive sax; echoing chimes and a range of sparkling effects into his music. The album takes the listener on an overarching homeward-bound journey: the opening spacey, beatless tracks featuring layered electronica and attractive, meandering structures; rhythmic sequences and emotional intensity increasing as we come down to earth; percussive patterns and beats build as we move toward the familiarity of civilisation. Most tracks are warm, inviting and very much easy-listening: piano and synthetic leads comfortably holding the attention, electronic peripherals providing interesting backdrops.

To see what else he had to say, or for some of my comments, please visit his page here.

EPK for new Earthshine album Somewhere Around

The new Earthshine album Somewhere Around is available now! So about time you enjoy some impressions of it:

Great reception for new Earthshine: ACTION

oneworldmusic earthshineOur friends at One World Music UK have done another excellent job reviewing the new Earthshine album Somewhere Around. You can read it on their website or on the official Earthshine site.

Such good words call for action, that is why we will add a FREE band shirt to every order this week here in our little webshop. As long as stock permits though!

So go ahead and be the first amongst your friends 🙂

Presale and video for new Earthshine CD

earthshine - somewhere around cdOn coming January 18 the new Earthshine CD Somewhere Around will become available. But the good news is, you can already order it here in our shop! It is on it’s way to distributors around the globe, but of course we already have it in store. And to add to the fun, if you order the album before January 19, you will get a link to download a digital copy of the album for free!


Just to whet your appetite, here is track 2, the wonderful Sunset On Mars:


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