New Site and Features

rock company loveMaybe you noticed we had a lot of database problems lately. Resulting in unpredictable behaviour of the site, and also to a rather slow functioning website. So after a couple of days of losing sleep trying to find the error, I decided it was time for a change. So here is v3.0!

It is a lot quicker, and I managed to slip in a couple of new features. Like downloads, which I wanted to add for a long time. For now only the titles that are not, or no longer available on CD, are uploaded. The rest will follow soon.
Also since social media are more important than ever, sharing has been made even more easy. So go ahead and tell all your friends, we still need your support to survive.

Despite testing it like crazy, should you find something that is not working, please let us know so we can fix it. For now, thanks for reading and click away. Explore it, test the music and of course I hope you buy some. It means the world!

Hey what happened?

workinprogressRegular visitors will notice a lot of recent information and news has suddenly disappeared. My bad!

I was trying to speed the site up by deleting stuff I did not think was necessary. Somewhere I must have made a mistake as the site went blank.

And that is a bad time to discover your most recent backup refuses to reinstall.

So I had to use an even older one, hence the missing pieces.


Well, for now the site is working and work on putting as much as possible back online will commence tomorrow. Now it is time for bed!

Apologies for the inconvenience, hope you understand!

Forest Field website upgraded and news catch up

forest field websiteForest Field have upgraded the website, just in time for the new release of Angels!
Also the time to catch up on a lot of news (including some stunning reviews), so go take a look!

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