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  • New Site and Features

    Maybe you noticed we had a lot of database problems lately. Resulting in unpredictable behaviour of the site, and also to a rather slow functioning website. So after a couple of days of losing sleep trying to find the error, I decided it was time for a change. So here is rockcompany.nl v3.0! It is…

  • Hey what happened?

    Regular visitors will notice a lot of recent information and news has suddenly disappeared. My bad! I was trying to speed the site up by deleting stuff I did not think was necessary. Somewhere I must have made a mistake as the site went blank. And that is a bad time to discover your most…

  • Forest Field website upgraded and news catch up

    Forest Field have upgraded the website, just in time for the new release of Angels! Also the time to catch up on a lot of news (including some stunning reviews), so go take a look!