4 star DMME review of Sixtynine

let it rockThe wonderful DMME site has published another review, this time of the Sixtynine album. You can read it on his website, or just continue. Thanks once again to Dmitry!


Rock Company 2016

sixtynine - you are meOrganic rock ‘n’ rollers from Slovenia get their kicks in search of identity.

Making their international debut, this quartet may careen to occasional heaviness, but the band’s instincts are in the right place when progressive elements seep into their heady mix of genres. It’s hard not to attract the listener’s attention when your debut is kicked off with a ballad, as the uplift of “Don’t Give Up” builds a tension to defer a fine rifferama which will keep the momentum till the finale. There’s a lot of AOR hooks on offer, although cliches on vibrant tracks like “Morning” are handled with grace, and “Sunlight Hour” has lyricism married to attack and orchestral drama to deliciously rough edge.

As for rock ‘n’ roll, frivolity rears its head on the unhurried “Lazy Crazy Thing” and “Good Trade” whose licks whisk the handclaps-abetted beats to a dancefloor, while the synthesizers give “Come To Me” a layer of cosmic, rather than romantic, consciousness. Breaking the overall retro mold, the title cut introduces a contemporary buzz to the mix, yet “Still Dreaming” signs off with a slow gratitude in the most traditional way, so even though the album isn’t groundbreaking, the ensemble stand their ground with swagger which will secure them place in many a heart.


Fantastic Sixtynine review in Legacy (D)

legacy sixtynineGerman magazine Legacy have done a fantastic review of the Sixtynine album in their edition 105. Here is the English translation:

At some point Tomaz K. was probably too tired of constantly announcing other acts in his presenter job. So he decided to set up a cover band and to go into business. However, it should not be limited to occasional weekend gigs and parties.
SIXTYNINE decided to write their own material and to use the reputation of their front man directly as an international foothold. So here is “You Are Me” the album, which should get the band a certain standing. And with the ten really good songs you get on the debut, this should be possible without any problems. SIXTYNINE are not simply classified with the classic hard rock stamp, but also have qualities in Singer-Songwriter and progressive rock, although the common denominator is always preserved. But the material of “You Are Me” is under no limits, is at times epic, sometimes dramatic, then again pure riff rock and in the end this colourful mixture  is strong enough to impress. And because the scene in Slovenia rarely reveals valuable material, you are hereby  urgently advised to  get yourself an impression of this pleasantly diversified work!

(BB) 11 points


The German text:


(Rock Company)

Genre: Hard Rock

Irgendwann war es Tomaz K. wohl zu doof, als Radiomoderator ständig nur andere Acts anzusagen. Kurzerhand entschloss er sich, eine Coverband zu gründen und selbst ins Business einzusteigen. Es sollte jedoch nicht bei gelegentlichen Wochenendgigs und -partys bleiben.
SIXTYNINE entschieden sich, eigenes Material zu produzieren und die Reputation ihres Frontmanns zu nutzen, um direkt auch internationale Fuß zu fassen. Mit „You Are Me“ folgt nun das Album, das der Band ein gewisses Standing verpassen soll – und angesichts der zehn wirklich guten Songs, die man auf dem Erstling verewigt hat, sollte dies problemlos möglich sein. SIXTYNINE lassen sich nämlich nicht bloß mit dem klassischen Hard Rock-Stempel klassifizieren, sondern haben auch Qualitäten in Sachen Singer-Songwriter und Progressive Rock, wenngleich der gemeinsame Nenner immer erhalten bleibt. Aber das Material von „You Are Me“ untersteht keinen Limits, ist mal episch, mal dramatisch, dann jedoch auch wieder purer Riff Rock und am Ende stark genug, um mit dieser bunten Mischung durchzustarten. Gerade weil die Szene in Slowenien nur selten wertiges Material ans Tageslicht bringt, sollte man daher dringend in Erwägung ziehen, sich selbst einen Eindruck von diesem angenehm abwechslungsreichen Werk zu machen! (BB)

11 Punkte

Strutter talks Sixtynine and Forest Field

strutter sixtynineOn the Strutter Reviews page you can now find reviews for both the Sixtynine as well as the latest Forest Field release. Gabor’s words on Sixtynine:

Sixtynine ‘You are me’ (Rock Company)

 Out of Koper, Slovenia comes the band Sixtynine, whom were formed back in 2012 and are now releasing their debut record You are me. Without a doubt we are listening to a high quality band here that takes a bit of melodic hardrock and semi-progmetal and mixes it into an own sorta sound. Opener Don’t Give Up is a lovely melodic rockballad of a very high level with great vocals and a very fine guitarsolo, all perfect sounding, remind me of Gotthard and Shakra. Other highlights are Believe (good uptempo melodic hardrock a la Victory and Casanova), Morning (great semi melodic rocker), Come To Me (lovely semi melodic rocker, even a bit light progmetal with great high pitched vocals, even a bit like Crimson Glory, with a rather cool keyboard!), December Love (great midtempo melodic metal tune, high pitched vocals again), while the slightly rougher mhr tunes Good Trade and Sunlight Hour are a little bit sleazy Guns N Roses meets The Cult. The band’s singer Tomaž Klepač has a wonderful voice, the CD has a big major label ish sound and the songs are mostly good clean high quality melodic hardrock, so definitely a recommended band to check out at: http://www.sixtynine.si

 (Points: 8.3 out of 10)

strutter forest field Forest Field ‘Lonely desert’ (Rock Company)

Already the 4th album of Forest Field, which is a project by Dutch multi-instrumentalist Peter Cox. He does everything by himself except the vocals, which are provided by Phil Vincent, who recorded them in the USA. The result is more or less close to Phil Vincent’s releases, so if you’re familiar with his music, then you will understand how this sounds like. This time it all starts with a very strong song titled Valley of pain, an uptempo AOR/Melodic Rock tune with a deadly catchy chorus. This is definitely one of the finest songs of Forest Field so far. The rest of the album isn’t that as strong as the opening cut, but still a nice melodic heavy rock affair, with a few instrumentals and a couple surprising calmer tunes, such as Doomed in the desert and the epic lengthy closing track Fear that reveals progrock influences. All together a nice new record by Forest Field. More info at: www.rockcompany.nl

(Points: 7.8 out of 10)

Awesome Sixtynine review

crossfire sixtynineGerman website Crossfire has written an awesome review of our Sixtynine release Your Are Me. As the website is in German, here is an English translation:

This quartet from Slovenia creates a skillful balancing act between classic and modern rock of the 90s. Well, and when it gets balladesque, like on “Come To Us”, you can look forward to Pink Floyd meets Queensryche meets Dream Theater. So I’m thrilled. Charming vocals by singer Tomaz K., who sounds so powerful in the higher pitches, it’s the icing on the cake. The guys themselves call their ten track album organic rock ‘n’ roll. Yes from me! Main thing it rocks! Although the elements of the alternative sounds, samples and gadgets are exploited, they do not exaggerate, so that the status “handmade” is quite justified. Anyway, one begins relatively unconventionally with “Don’t Give Up” a power ballad. This takes courage in today’s over-stimulus. And the band enthuses more by feel and depth, than by hardness and aggressiveness. Even if a latent Axl W. Rose (Guns’ n’Roses) lies singing around the corner. Should be heard!

Rating: 8 out of 10 points
Author: Steve Burdelak

Review Sixtynine: 70’s hard rock with a grunge touch

rock melodicoOur friends at Rock Melodico have published a great review for our latest release. Their original is of course in Spanish, so with help from Google an English version for you:

From the distant lands of Slovenia comes ‘You Are Me’, debut of hard rock band Sixtynine, published this September by the Dutch label Rock Company. The band likes to call their style ‘Organic R & R’.  Tomaž Klepac (vocals & acoustic guitar), Tadej Tadic (guitar), Danijel Brezec (bass) and Igor Marasovic (drums) make up the combo, being influenced by the classic, yet contemporary and organic rock.

Originally from the city of Koper, Slovenia, the band is relatively new but the musicians are well known in their country. The idea of the group was to perform a work of pure classic rock but with open doors to more contemporary sounds. Thus, the first single is “Don’t Give Up”, and here is the video:

Meanwhile, “Come to Me” is an acoustic song with a sound reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. “December Love” has a bit of a garage rock sound, while the title track “You Are Me” plays a bit with the Gothic. “Lazy Crazy Thing” returns to classic early 70s  hard rock, with guitars and psychedelic sounds and at the end comes with “Still Dreaming”, a gem to enjoy with keyboards and guitars, with a dreamy and introspective chorus.

sixtynineSixtynine is certainly a band to follow, with a very American sound, which will delight those who yearn classic rock and the grunge of the 90’s.


Pre Order for Sixtynine – You Are Me

sixtynine - you are meThe official release for the Sixtynine album is September 2, but you can already place your order now! We have made it an enhanced edition with no less than 3 bonus videos. The 16 page booklet hold photos, lyrics and credits. All is housed in a beautiful digisleeve like all our recent releases. This because we as a company want to limit our environmental footprint as much as possible. So no plastic and less weight.

Order now, and it ships before the end of the month!

On iTunes you can also order the album and get it delivered on the day of release!

Here a track for you to enjoy:

New Signing: Sixtynine!

    sixtyninephoto by Valentin Casarsa

Rock Company is very proud to announce the signing of prime Slovenian hard rock band Sixtynine! The international release of their album You Are Me (including no less that 3 bonus videos) is set for September 2, 2016.

They like to call it „Organic R&R“, a brew of the sinergy between band members Tomaž Klepač (lead vocals & acoustic guitar), Tadej Tadič (electric guitars), Danijel Brezec (bass guitar) and Igor Marasovič (drums & percussion). And it is as hard hitting as the most potent organic ales or concoctions, a contemporary blend of rock that is firmly, audibly and shamelessly rooted in the very best & most iconic rock classics, and that despite its’ modern approach has been crafted and recorded without the all to present conteporary aids such as autotune, drum replacement or timing adjustment or groove quantizing, samples, virtual instruments or guitar amp simulators. Organic, indeed!

A first taste of what you can expect:

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