Thrilling review for CranstoN

omwr reviews Another thrilling review from Steve from One World Music, this time describing how CranstoN manages to set free the beast!
Some quotes:
* CranstoN are indeed special, they have that addictive style that you cannot help but like, melodic rock yes, but gutsy and powerful most certainly, this is a band not afraid to really play
* thankfully today rock is still safe and in the hands of CranstoN
* CranstoN, have produced something here that any true rock fan since the 70’s will HAVE to buy. CranstoN is an album packed wall to wall, speaker to speaker, with good honest true hard rock, melodic yes, soft, defiantly not. To produce a classic rock album of this quality and have 10 equally solid and quite rocktastic tunes is truly wonderful, trust me rock fans, you’re going to love this one, go on get it, you know you want to.

Read it in full at the link above and click on the cover or download it here: OMWR – CranstoN review


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